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Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D

Stirrup Bending machine UNI 20D

Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D Supplier In India

The Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D , also known as the Ring Making Machine, occupies a pivotal role in the building and construction industries owing to its remarkable versatility and functionality. While it shares some similarities with conventional bar bending machines, it sets itself apart with a suite of additional features tailored to meet diverse bending needs. This machine serves as a cornerstone in shaping various materials such as bars, rebar, reinforcing bars, and steel within a comprehensive 180° range, yielding forms ranging from triangles, quadrangles, pentagrams, polygons, to rings. Its prowess extends further to bending metals into a distinctive “U” shape, hence earning the alternative name “U-bending tool.”

Our bar bending machines are in high demand due to their exceptional performance and durability. Equipped with a 100% copper winding 4kW/5HP TEFC Induction electric motor, specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks, such as bending reinforced bars. These machines run smoothly on a 4P, 415V power supply, ensuring reliable operation. 

Key Advantages of Unicorn Equipment Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D

Unicorn Equipment’s automatic Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D stands as a testament to durability, ruggedness, and stability in the industry, offering the capacity to bend diameters ranging from 4mm to 20mm. Crafted with precision and engineered for heavy-duty rebar applications, this machine emerges as a stalwart, ensuring precise bends and efficient operations even in demanding scenarios.

The fundamental purpose of the stirrup bending machine revolves around sculpting bars into diverse forms such as rectangles, squares, and other geometric configurations. Unicorn’s automatic stirrup bending machine UNI 20D stands out for its ability to handle round steel bars with diameters spanning from 4mm to 20mm, underscoring its versatility and adaptability. Notably, its optional processing scope and external adjuster bolster user convenience, rendering it an ideal choice for a spectrum of applications.

Among Unicorn’s repertoire, models Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20 and Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D emerge as stalwarts, offering robust performance coupled with a simplicity in structure. While their work capacities may marginally trail those of larger stirrup machines, they excel in flexibility, allowing operators to seamlessly toggle bending angles from 90° to 135° – two angles frequently encountered in practice. Moreover, Unicorn stirrup bending machines exhibit a remarkable capability to accommodate bends spanning any angle within the expansive 180° spectrum. The Fully automatic nature of  UNI20D variants empowers users with the autonomy to manually select desired arcs, further enhancing operational flexibility.

The Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D model, featuring a numerical control panel, emerges as a paragon of efficiency and precision, catering to round bars ranging from 4mm to 20mm in diameter. Its intuitive interface facilitates seamless adjustment of bending angles within the 180° ambit, streamlining operations and delivering tangible labor savings while augmenting processing efficiency.

Unicorn’s UNI20D and UNI20 Steel bar bending machines emerge as veritable workhorses, primed to tackle an array of steel types, including ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled steel, screw bars, flat bars, square bars, and angle steel bars. Their versatile utility renders them indispensable assets across machining and construction projects, where precise bending is paramount.

Key attributes distinguish Unicorn’s Stirrup Bending Machine UNI 20D, including a compact footprint, unwavering stability, and the reliability of a coppery motor. Flexibility and ease of operation are hallmarks, complemented by a robust steel work disk that ensures enduring performance even under strenuous conditions. High working efficiency, coupled with ease of maintenance, underpins the enduring appeal of Unicorn’s machines.

Key Features of Stirrup Bar Bending Machine UNI 20D

These machines boast a sturdy construction, featuring a 10mm thick top plate and a high rigidity iron disk, imparting durability and longevity to the equipment. Equipped with an international standard copper motor, alongside ultra-high hardness accessories and an adjustable fender, Unicorn’s Stirrup Bending Machines offer unrivaled precision and accuracy. Furthermore, the incorporation of a 6mm thick top plate, along with an adjustable stylobate, ensures optimal efficiency in bending operations. The presence of an international standard copper wire brake motor further enhances operational safety, narrowing inertance during halts and refining the accuracy of bending angles, thereby cementing Unicorn’s commitment to excellence,thus making Unicorn as top Supplier of Stirrup Bending Machine in India.

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