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Bull Float

About Bull Float

A bull float is a tool used in concrete finishing to smooth and level freshly poured concrete surfaces. It typically consists of a large, flat metal or wooden blade (often magnesium or aluminum) attached to a long handle. The blade is typically rectangular in shape and ranges in width from 8 to 48 inches, depending on the size of the concrete area being worked on.

The bull-float is used after the initial pouring and screeding of concrete to further flatten and smooth the surface. It is pushed and pulled over the concrete slab in long, sweeping motions to eliminate high spots and fill in low spots, ensuring an even surface. Bull floats can be used to achieve different finishes depending on the angle and pressure applied during floating.

Some bull floats are designed to be adjustable, allowing the angle of the handle to be changed for better control and comfort during use. They may also feature brackets or connections that enable the attachment of handles of varying lengths, accommodating different job requirements.

Overall, the bull-float is an essential tool in concrete construction and is used to improve the appearance and durability of concrete surfaces before final finishing processes like troweling or texturing are performed.

For more information on bull-floats and their application in concrete finishing, contractors and construction professionals often consult manufacturers’ specifications or suppliers specializing in concrete tools and equipment.

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